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What is Philosophy Break Academy, and how can I gain access?

Philosophy Break Academy is your interactive learning and community space for all things philosophy, where you can take self-paced courses, track your progress, and discuss materials with other members.

By joining, you'll be able to participate in the fun and friendly weekly philosophical discussions between me and 400+ members, where we consider a new idea or question each week, and enjoy some low-stakes, often very enriching philosophical discussion.

You'll also unlock the archive of 40+ previous community discussions on ethics, free will, existentialism, Stoicism, individual philosophers, and more.

If being part of a community of friendly thinkers who enjoy discussing philosophy and the good life appeals to you, then I'd be delighted if you joined us.

How can I gain access?

You can gain instant access to Philosophy Break Academy in two ways:

1. Pledge your support on Patreon (community tier and above)


2. Treat yourself to one of my short, self-paced philosophy courses:

Thank you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected].

Jack Maden
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